Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hey Everyone i have an update on the Giveaway/Contest it will still end Feb 14th but i might have to announce it on My Blog Or FB page so make sure if you are not already following my FB Follow it an if  your not already :following my Blog Follow i don't want the WINNER missing out :) i am busy with looking for Collages to goto right now an earning some extra cash for the giveaway an Christmas but i will try to add a new video tomorrow thanks for the support from all my Fans Means Alot 

                                           And Remember You Are Beautiful

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Black Friday Deals :)

Hey Everybody so i went to walgreens this Black Friday i decided to keep it mellow Walgreens also had there sale going all day so i got A Revlon Lip Gloss Peach Petal 150 for $4.99 Plus they had a $4.00 back Coupon so i paid 99 cents an some Change an i Used the $4.00 for the Revlon 110 Pink Lingerie it was $6.35 i had a $1.00 off of it plus the $4.00 an i paid $1 an some change for it I Got $3.00 Coupon Back an Bought a Almay Pure Blends Foundation it was on sale for 2.65 an i used the $3.00 cash back an i had to buy somthing so i would be equal or over $3.00 an i paid 70 cents more so i spent about $6.00 for about $15 of make up cause everything was on SALE If not it would of been around $20.00 or more :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Comming Soon To My Youtube Channel/Blog

I will Be Doing a few Looks in the next 2 weeks i am going out of town an promise as soon as i get back to add some NEW Looks up An i will have A Health an Beauty Tips Video also Coming As Well As Put it On my Blog Thanks so Much

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My FREE Threads For Thoughts Make Up Bag

So i was on They have Coupons an Freebies (hints the name) You can get free Things By Printing a Coupon or Sending info to the Manufacturing an they will send you the item.So i got this FREE Threads for Thoughts Make up Bag From Norstroms Rack They awesome thing bout Threads for Thoughts is they use Recycled Water bottles an Cotton To make there Items This Bag i have is They same as anyone elses but its unique because not everyone is the same Shape an the Label is Attached different then all the others Everyone has the same Color/Patten just a different Shape by not to much an they are hand made this is why i think they are all Different I love my Bag the inside is black an they Grey Color Strips an It is soft  like If you Were a lil doll it would be like a tempurpedic lol I love it can Fit i few of your touch up items in it.Its not small but lets say you can fit the 15 Space MAC Pallet in it lol But i love it. This Has Expired already I was trying to get this on here before but i been busy Sorry NOTE THE PIC IS NOT MY BAG I WILL DO A VID ON YT AN U WILL SEE IT

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Get Those Brand for Less on 11/11/11

So Now That 11/11/11 Has Approached People Wanna Have Sale's :) YESS!!! Sale's I <3 Sale's So Here's Some Places You Can Get Your Sale On :) Is a site that sales Name Brand Shoes,Handbags,Cosmetics,Clothing Ect There Sale is That they will have items Saleing for $11.00 FREE SHIPPING :) NEXT...... Chilli's,Applebees,Outback Stake house is offering FREE FOOD For Our Military Veterans that's Including Our Active Veteran's Alot Of  Your Local Business That Will Be Open Is Mostlikeley having a SALE Just Call Around Furniture Stores an Ect GOOD LUCK ON YOUR SALES ITS GOOD FOR CHRISTMAS TIME

Saturday, October 29, 2011

TRON: Gem's Make up

TRON: Gems Make Up Look

I Uploaded A New Look To My YouTube Account Its A Look From Gem who is from TRON The Movie :) I love this look an have been wearing it alot since seeing it :)Please Check Out The Video On My channel Mrsmakeuplover4ever On Youtube :) Thanks

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


YEAH!!! I am having another Contest uploading the Video Now cannot wait to get it up. Its My 1 YR anniversary of putting my first video up its an easy Contest i hope Everyone Can Enter The Dates Are: Oct 26th-Feb 14th 2012 :) Yes Long :) Cannot wait to see all the Entry's An Thanks for making my 1 Yr Possible

Monday, October 24, 2011

Revlon's Crazy Shine Nail Buffer/Shiner

Hey,Everyone So i bought this Revlon Crazy Shine Nail buffer/shiner an let me say its amazing.Weather you wanna use it to smooth out your nails for nail polish or Just get them shinny Its perfect they stay shinny with out nail polish for at least 2 weeks an with nail polish in till your polish comes off or you take it off it makes your nails have that salon Finnish look for under ($5.00* Prices may vary) I got My Crazy Shine From Target On Sale For $1.50 I Highly Recommend this to anyone who wants a Fabulous Finnish on your Nails.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Girl Who Inspired Me To Become A YT Beauty Guru Kandee J

Hey Everyone i wanted to share my story about how i decided to become a you tube beauty guru. I watched you tube make up videos all the time an one day i came across Kandee Johnson. I Instantley feel in love with her (no not in a creepy way lol) I was like this girl is beautiful an i can tell shes had the heart a size of the world she was an is sooo Fun to watch i love watching her i always thought how can these make up gurus on here put there videos up in confidence.?? Knowing people might put them down if there cameras not good enough if there make up collections not the best if they cannot do an amazing job like a Pro?? But then as i watch Kandee J she tells us To be confident an her confidence make me say i will add my first video. So i did on Jan 12th 2011 I added my first(not so good) video now i look back at it an go what was i thinking what did i get myself into lol.But Today i feel Amazing that Kandee J helped me make my decision on Making my first YT Videos an Today i am much better at my performance on YT then i was in My First Video an Now i got my 1 Year Anniversary on YT Coming up an i owe it all to Kandee Johnsone So Here To You Kandee :) So For all you girls/guys out there who wanna be a Beauty Guru i Say go Right ahead an do it DO NOT let the Mean People get you down :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Make Up Website Where You Can Find Deals 
 Is A Awesome Website where you can buy Too Faced,Stilla,Pop Beauty,&Duwop For Cheap. But you Gotta get it Fast It goes Out of Stock Super Fast Due To The Low Prices They Have. Check it out.

Unforgettable Moments By:Payless Shoe Store YEAH Thats Right Make Up At A Shoe Store


Hey Everyone We Got Our Winner For The Birthday Contest/Giveaway
  The Winner Is Tracypopp09 Congrats Please Contact me on Youtube with your address in 3 days thanks so much for entering :)



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