Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Black Friday Deals :)

Hey Everybody so i went to walgreens this Black Friday i decided to keep it mellow Walgreens also had there sale going all day so i got A Revlon Lip Gloss Peach Petal 150 for $4.99 Plus they had a $4.00 back Coupon so i paid 99 cents an some Change an i Used the $4.00 for the Revlon 110 Pink Lingerie it was $6.35 i had a $1.00 off of it plus the $4.00 an i paid $1 an some change for it I Got $3.00 Coupon Back an Bought a Almay Pure Blends Foundation it was on sale for 2.65 an i used the $3.00 cash back an i had to buy somthing so i would be equal or over $3.00 an i paid 70 cents more so i spent about $6.00 for about $15 of make up cause everything was on SALE If not it would of been around $20.00 or more :)

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