Wednesday, January 18, 2012


   I Just Wanted To Thanks Everyone Who has watched an commented an Liked My Vids I am so Grateful to have so many Great Beautiful Fans i LOVE Reading Your Comments,& Emails i love Reading the Feedback an the suggestions also i will be doing some more videos in a few days i have been trying to get some looks together for my Fans!! Thanks SO much an Remember You Are Beautiful :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


   To All My New Followers I just wanted to take a few min to Thanks you so much for following me,Subscribing to me an also Liking my Facebook i am overwhelmed at the Amount of subscribers an followers i have picked up i am so happy :) i never thought i would even get 100 subbs on YT an now i have 181 Yeahh!! also i thought nobody would follow this blog an i have 11 following it :) an 22 Facebook fans :) i just wanted to say thank you so much for making this happen :)

Whats to Come to The Channel

                  I Just wanna thank you all So much for Following this Blog an Being a YT Subbie i cannot be more  
                     Happy To have Such awesome Followers/Fans Heres a List Of Videos To Come to My YT
                       As Soon as i get my New computer 
  •                        -Shout Out Video
  •                        - The Winners Video Feb 16th 2012
  •                        - Some Make Up Videos
  •                         - Some Hauls 
  •                      - Vlogs and More Make Up Videos
  •                    -Reviews 

            Stay Tuned Comment,Rate,Subscribe Please Thanks 
                           And Remember You Are Beautiful