Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Black Friday Deals :)

Hey Everybody so i went to walgreens this Black Friday i decided to keep it mellow Walgreens also had there sale going all day so i got A Revlon Lip Gloss Peach Petal 150 for $4.99 Plus they had a $4.00 back Coupon so i paid 99 cents an some Change an i Used the $4.00 for the Revlon 110 Pink Lingerie it was $6.35 i had a $1.00 off of it plus the $4.00 an i paid $1 an some change for it I Got $3.00 Coupon Back an Bought a Almay Pure Blends Foundation it was on sale for 2.65 an i used the $3.00 cash back an i had to buy somthing so i would be equal or over $3.00 an i paid 70 cents more so i spent about $6.00 for about $15 of make up cause everything was on SALE If not it would of been around $20.00 or more :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Comming Soon To My Youtube Channel/Blog

I will Be Doing a few Looks in the next 2 weeks i am going out of town an promise as soon as i get back to add some NEW Looks up An i will have A Health an Beauty Tips Video also Coming As Well As Put it On my Blog Thanks so Much

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My FREE Threads For Thoughts Make Up Bag

So i was on They have Coupons an Freebies (hints the name) You can get free Things By Printing a Coupon or Sending info to the Manufacturing an they will send you the item.So i got this FREE Threads for Thoughts Make up Bag From Norstroms Rack They awesome thing bout Threads for Thoughts is they use Recycled Water bottles an Cotton To make there Items This Bag i have is They same as anyone elses but its unique because not everyone is the same Shape an the Label is Attached different then all the others Everyone has the same Color/Patten just a different Shape by not to much an they are hand made this is why i think they are all Different I love my Bag the inside is black an they Grey Color Strips an It is soft  like If you Were a lil doll it would be like a tempurpedic lol I love it can Fit i few of your touch up items in it.Its not small but lets say you can fit the 15 Space MAC Pallet in it lol But i love it. This Has Expired already I was trying to get this on here before but i been busy Sorry NOTE THE PIC IS NOT MY BAG I WILL DO A VID ON YT AN U WILL SEE IT

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Get Those Brand for Less on 11/11/11

So Now That 11/11/11 Has Approached People Wanna Have Sale's :) YESS!!! Sale's I <3 Sale's So Here's Some Places You Can Get Your Sale On :) Is a site that sales Name Brand Shoes,Handbags,Cosmetics,Clothing Ect There Sale is That they will have items Saleing for $11.00 FREE SHIPPING :) NEXT...... Chilli's,Applebees,Outback Stake house is offering FREE FOOD For Our Military Veterans that's Including Our Active Veteran's Alot Of  Your Local Business That Will Be Open Is Mostlikeley having a SALE Just Call Around Furniture Stores an Ect GOOD LUCK ON YOUR SALES ITS GOOD FOR CHRISTMAS TIME