Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Girl Who Inspired Me To Become A YT Beauty Guru Kandee J

Hey Everyone i wanted to share my story about how i decided to become a you tube beauty guru. I watched you tube make up videos all the time an one day i came across Kandee Johnson. I Instantley feel in love with her (no not in a creepy way lol) I was like this girl is beautiful an i can tell shes had the heart a size of the world she was an is sooo Fun to watch i love watching her i always thought how can these make up gurus on here put there videos up in confidence.?? Knowing people might put them down if there cameras not good enough if there make up collections not the best if they cannot do an amazing job like a Pro?? But then as i watch Kandee J she tells us To be confident an her confidence make me say i will add my first video. So i did on Jan 12th 2011 I added my first(not so good) video now i look back at it an go what was i thinking what did i get myself into lol.But Today i feel Amazing that Kandee J helped me make my decision on Making my first YT Videos an Today i am much better at my performance on YT then i was in My First Video an Now i got my 1 Year Anniversary on YT Coming up an i owe it all to Kandee Johnsone So Here To You Kandee :) So For all you girls/guys out there who wanna be a Beauty Guru i Say go Right ahead an do it DO NOT let the Mean People get you down :)

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